2020-21 Great Start Guide: Elementary (K5-6)

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  • Individual Student Orientation

    To ensure a great start to a successful school year, the student and at least one parent of each student must attend orientation.

    All Elementary students will have individual orientation appointments scheduled by the divisional offices on August 10-13. Your child can meet his/her teacher before the first day of school and bring school supplies. Students do not need to wear uniforms for orientation.

    For Grades 4-6, students do not need to bring their laptop.

    What to bring to orientation:
  • First Days of School - Updated

    First Days of School for On-campus Students:

    Monday, August 17 - K3-Grade 6 students with last name beginning with L-Z
    Tuesday, August 18 - K3-Grade 6 students with last name beginning with A-K
    Wednesday, August 19 - All on-campus students report
    The first days of school will be a regular, full day with Before- and After-School Care. For the first few days, it is often easier for first time students, especially K3 students, to be picked up immediately after school rather than staying in After-School Care. After the children are acquainted with the school, the transition to After-School Care is much easier.
  • Online Education Program - NEW

    We are excited to be able to offer our Online Education Program (OEP) for our K5-6th grade students this school year.  Thank you for expressing interest in this option for your child.  We have an OEP informational document that addresses questions that we received. 
    The next step is that we need a firm commitment to our OEP program.  Please fill out the Services Addition & Removal Form.  Please select the last option called Elementary Online Education Program.  If you have previously registered for Before School Care, After School Care, or other on-campus services, please use this same form to remove those services.  Private music lessons may be scheduled virtually so there is no need to cancel that service. 
    You can disregard the $60.00 cancellation fee stated at the top of the document because we will be waiving it if you are signing up for the OEP. 
    Please submit this completed document to elementary@hanalani.org.  Feel free to either print and scan or digitally sign the form.  The deadline for committing to the OEP is Friday, August 7, at 11:59 pm. 
    For those who commit to the OEP, we will be having a virtual orientation meeting next Monday, August 17, at 6:30 pm.  Once we have an established roster for the OEP program we will be sending out the link for the virtual orientation meeting via email.

    The last day to sign up for OEP is Thursday, August 13 at 8:00 a.m..
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  • Health & Safety

    Please read our COVID-19 Handbook for more details about new health & safety measures on campus including the following:
    • Masks required for Grades 1-12.
    • Handwashing and hand sanitizing frequently throughout the day.
    • Home health checks required.
    • Temperature checks required upon arrival on campus.
    • Visitors by appointment only. 
    • Students to follow floor markers when lining up in the hallways and entrances.
    • Physical distancing: Desks 3 ft apart when facing the same direction and 6ft apart when facing each other.
    • Staggered schedules.
    • Contactless payment for lunches/meals/campus store
    • Sanitation of common areas increased in frequency throughout the day. Daily campus-wide sanitation at the end of each day.
  • Health Requirements

    Hawaii State Law requires that all students entering any Hawaii school must submit the following:
    • 1) a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance, and
    • 2) a completed Student Health Record (ENR-09) form
    All required immunizations and a physical examination must be dated within one year before the first day of school in the state of Hawaii. The following are the required immunizations:
    • 5 DTAP or DPT/Td (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis)
    • 4 Polio (IPV or OPV)
    • 2 Hepatitis A
    • 3 Hepatitis B
    • 2 MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)
    • 2 Varicella (chickenpox)
    Time periods between doses must meet the Hawaii Department of Health requirements. Students missing the required immunizations or the required documents will not be permitted to enter school on the first day (Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11 Chapter 157, Department of Health Immunization Branch 586-8313).

    If you have any questions regarding the Hawaii Department of Health requirements, you can contact the Hawaii Immunization Program at 586-8332. You can also call us at (808) 625-0737, extension 450 (Grades K5-1) or extension 451 (Grades 2-6).

    Please turn in student health record including vaccination records at Classroom Orientation or by the first day of the school at the latest.
  • Lunch

    Breakfast, lunch and other food items are available for purchase at The Royal Cafe. A complete lunch meal includes an entree, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Complete lunch or milk only can be purchased. School lunch will be available starting on the first day of school. 

    For the 2020-21 school year, we are converting to a contactless payment system. Lunches can be pre-ordered online. More details and account set up will be sent to parents via email.

    If you have lunch coupons from the 2019-20 School Year, please keep the coupons and turn them in to the Business Office for credit.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Students in Grades 4-6 will need to sign the BYOD policy form and turn it into their teachers at their orientation appointment. Student laptops will be set up to connect to the Hanalani network after school begins. 

  • Footwear

    For safety reasons, K5 students should wear socks and fully enclosed athletic shoes, especially on P.E. days. K5 students may wear shoes with laces only if they know how to tie them. 

    For safety reasons, students in grades 1-6 should wear socks and athletic shoes on P.E. days. On non-P.E. days, boys should wear shoes and socks while girls may wear sandals. The sandals must have a back strap and no heels.
  • Picture Day

    Wednesday, August 19, will be Picture Day for all Elementary students. All students will be required to take a picture for yearbook and school ID purposes, whether or not a package is purchased. Aloha attire is encouraged.