Sky’s the Limit with the Right Foundation

As a Program Manager and Civil Engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration, Ronson Fox (’09) knows that a good foundation is critical to growth – from both a construction and personal standpoint. “I’ve always loved to build things and work with my hands, which is why I pursued an engineering career,” says Ronson, who works with a number airports across the Pacific on safety and compliance, and airfield infrastructure.
Building Blocks for Others
Voted as the senior “Most Likely to Succeed,” Ronson built upon Hanalani’s foundation of faith and academic excellence at the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver). He was heavily involved in his collegiate student government and served as the Freshman Senator, Finance Senator, Student Body President and the Inter-Campus Student Forum Vice-Chair. Ronson sought to strengthen CU Denver’s foundation for future students by:
  • Participating in the student-led initiative to create CU Denver’s new mascot, Milo the Lynx
  • Steering the committee for the first new building on the Auraria campus
  • Guiding a $400,000 renovation of North Classroom Atrium Student Space
  • Securing $100,000 in administrative funds for a wellness center feasibility study
  • Spearheading a revamp of the university’s academic advising policies

A Foundation of Aloha
Ronson’s efforts to design and build better futures for others are rooted in his own experiences at Hanalani Schools that interwove warm camaraderie and aloha spirit between classmates. “The class was divided into smaller circles, called societies, within the larger Hanalani family,” says Ronson. “Similar to the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter novels, our societies were named the Bears, Monkeys, Lambs and Turtles – I was a Bear,” he recalls proudly.

Throughout the year, he participated in social and bonding activities with the Bears such as Thanksgiving cook-off contests, flag football games on Fridays during the society block, math bowls, end-of-the-year song contests and other small events. “Each event was worth a certain number of points, and at the end of the year, the society with the most points was awarded top honors,” says Ronson. “My classmates in the Bears became like family, and I am still close to many of them.”

Royal Gems of Advice
His advice to current Hanalani students: “Try to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. You never know where they can lead you.” Spoken like someone who knows the secret formula for success!