Admissions Team

Meet Michelle Kaneshiro (Enrollment Manager) and Ramona Chang (Admissions Associate)
Where are you from?
Michelle Kaneshiro: Born and raised in Hawaii and went to college in Seattle, WA!
Mona Chang: Born and raised on Oahu!
What first got you started in your career?  
Michelle Kaneshiro: My family are educators at heart.  We have several teachers and counselors within my family and I had the honor to see what a difference they make in students’ lives.  My family has inspired me to be in education.
What is something on campus that brings a smile to your face each day?
Mona Chang: The busyness of it all. The faculty, staff, and students all busy about the Lord’s work.
How would people describe you? 
Michelle Kaneshiro: Bubbly personality;  loves God, family & friends; loves food! 
Mona Chang: Outgoing, zany, & funny.
What is your best personal achievement?
Michelle Kaneshiro: Having my baby girl and twin boys!
What is your favorite thing about working in admissions?
Mona Chang: Assisting families and being a part of an amazing team.
What was your childhood dream? 
Mona Chang: I wanted to be a veterinarian, but decided against it when I realized that the job entailed more than just petting animals.
What is your favorite part about interacting with students?
Michelle Kaneshiro: My favorite initial interaction with the students is watching them figure out, think through, and get excited for what their educational career would be like at Hanalani Schools. I love being able to have meaningful conversations with older students about where they see themselves in the next several years and being able to support them in achieving their dreams!
What is a challenge you have overcome:
Michelle Kaneshiro: Sometimes, God stretches you to do things in order to make yourself and others see that overcoming the obstacle has been accomplished because He has equipped you with what needed to fulfill His purpose.  Over 10 years ago, God had opened the door for me to serve in the halau ministry at church.  I have NEVER danced hula in my life!  But through God’s grace, I was able to serve on several mission trips and be a part of many opportunities to evangelize the Gospel of Christ through hula!
Fun fact about yourself:  
Michelle Kaneshiro: Small yet mighty! I’ve been the same height since 6th Grade!
Best piece of advice you can give:
Mona Chang: These are not my words, it comes from One infinitely better than I. I just try my best to live by them. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”