Hanalani's POETRY OUT LOUD Wraps Up.

Hanalani’s POETRY OUT LOUD recitation program has officially wrapped up for the year.

Our upper School students joined more than 4.1 million students, 68,000 teachers, and 17,000 schools across the Nation as they participated in the study, analysis, memorization, and recitation of poetry.

Through this program, our students were encouraged to master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history. Great job, students!

A special congratulations to the following students.

1st place: Kiara K.
2nd place: Anya S.
3rd place: Chase L.

High school:
1st place: Ailsie N.
2nd place: Jordyn I.
3rd place: Shiloh F.

Let’s cheer on Ailsie N. ’23 who will be representing Hanalani at the state competition this Sunday, February 26, at the Tenney Theatre.