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  • Applied Engineering for the 21st Century classroom

    My name is David Kephart and I am the Applied Engineering teacher at Hanalani School. I have always enjoyed building things and working with my hands, and teaching Applied Engineering gives me the opportunity to use that passion every day to teach students critical thinking and problem solving skills through real life hands-on projects. In our recently renovated maker space, the students in Applied Engineering have the opportunity to make projects come to life using many different resources ranging from simple hand tools to 3D printers
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  • What Happens after Kindergarten Graduation?

    After the kindergarten graduation pictures are taken, leis are given, and hard work for a momentous occasion is celebrated, what happens next? Let’s just pause for a minute and reflect before looking forward. Can they get any more adorable than being in their graduation caps and gowns? Their smiles just melt your heart. To see how tall they have grown causes you to realize that they are growing up too quickly. To hear them read allows you to see how much they are learning. To watch them communicate and collaborate with friends provides you snapshots into their budding social lives. To hear them pray often moves you to tears knowing how much they love Jesus, their family, friends, classmates, and pets. These are the moments to capture and treasure.
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  • Setting the Stage: The Importance of Obedience for Preschool Success

    By Jennifer Black, M.Ed.
    Co-authored by Christina Black, D.Ed. 

    “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” 
    ― Elizabeth Stone

    Sending your baby to preschool is one of the hardest days for you, Mom and Dad, because you are choosing to allow someone else to partner with you in caring for your "heart." Let’s face it, your child will still be your little “baby” on her 29th birthday. It takes great trust and wisdom when choosing the best place for your child to flourish and grow. 

    After all of the hard work and careful consideration to choose a school, parents typically begin to think about what the education world refers to as “preschool readiness,” and even have genuine questions concerning what the word “readiness” means. Should he know his colors? Shapes? Recognize numbers one through five? Say his ABCs in order? I once heard a nervous parent ask a seasoned teacher these questions, and was deeply intrigued by her response. She kindly replied, “No, your child does not need to learn any of those things at home to be ready for school. That list and more is what we teach at school. But there is one important question I would like to ask you as you consider whether your child is ready for preschool. Does your child know how to obey?
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