COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED: 2021 Parent Night - Spring Semester  January 2021

Please note travel guidelines from the State of Hawaii Department of Health are subject to change at any time.  Please follow their guidance for testing and quarantine directives.

School Updates & Information

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  • Travel Policy & Guidelines

    If anyone (student, faculty, and staff) travels to the mainland or internationally, that person needs have a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to returning to Hawaii or to quarantine for 10 days as required by the Hawaii State Department of Health guidelines. Please check their website for up-to-date guidelines.

    Please note travel guidelines from the State of Hawaii Department of Health are subject to change at any time.  Please follow their guidance for testing and quarantine directives.
  • I'm Healthy Today Schools Portal

    Introductory Video

    What to Expect Video

    Daily Health Checker Video

    I'm Healthy Today Schools - Self Checker Guide (PDF)

    As explained in our Virtual Townhall meeting and emails, we will be utilizing the I'm Healthy Today Schools app for our daily home health check. Please view the video links above for more details. 

    Hanalani families should have received an text/email with link and username and password for each student. If you have not received the text/email or have questions, please email our Assistant Head of School, Mrs. Lynn Finnegan.
  • I'm Healthy Today Schools Q&A

    I’m Healthy Today (IHT) Accounts and Check-in
    Questions & Answers  
    Q:  Is the I'm HealthyToday program voluntary?
    A:  No. This program is designed to be mandatory for any person, faculty, staff, or student that works on school campus. 
    This is necessary in order for IHT to be effective in mitigating/controlling a COVID-19 outbreak, and to protect the school community at large.  
    Q:  Is IHT an app?
    A:  No, the IHT program is a web-based portal that is accessible at
    Q:  How do I sign up?
    A:  You will receive a text/email with a link. Go to the link (, enter the username and the password that was given to you on the text/email.
    Q:  I did not receive a text or email for the program. What should I do?
    A:  Every student has been entered into the system up until the newest enrollee on August 8, 2020. The system is set up for one log in per student. The login information (username and password) and url ( have been sent to one parent only. Please check with the other parent for the account log in information. If you still do not have the text/email, or you have further questions, please email Lynn Finnegan, our Assistant Head of School, at and she can assist you. 
    Q:  How can both of the parents be able to log in?
    A:  Once the login information is shared by IHT to one of the parents, either parent can use this information to do the student’s daily health check as long as you use the student's username and password. 
    Q:  How can we change the daily reminder to the other parent?
    A:  The parent who is receiving the initial login information will also receive the daily reminders. Please call IHT Tech Support at (305) 614-6913 to get reminder text changed to the other parent. At this moment, IHT is requiring that all updates to contacts be made directly to them.
    Q:  Does changing primary contact information or any other information with IHT mean that I’ll be changing contact information with Hanalani Schools?
    A:  No, currently if you would like to change any contact information with IHT and Hanalani Schools, you will need to
    go through two different processes.
    Q:  When will the reminder text be sent out each morning? 
    A:  The reminder text will be sent at 5:30am Monday through Friday. On weekends, we have asked IHT to send
    the reminder text at 8:00am. Hopefully IHT will be able to accommodate this request.
    Q:  Upon entering the campus, how should my child show the green shield?
    A:   Once a parent completes the Daily Health Check and:
    • If the student has their own device, the student can log in to and show the green shield for the day or the parent can send a screenshot of the green shield to the student via text or email
    • If the student does not have their own device the parent can print the green shield give the hard copy print out to the student
    Hanalani Schools will be checking in each of the students at the different entry points throughout the school. If the student mentions that they have a green shield for the day, but cannot present the green shield, the student will need to stand in line for staff to check them by name.
    Q:  What if I forget to do the Daily Health Check for my student?
    A:  The child will not be able to enter the campus until the Daily Health Check has been completed. We will have to contact you.
    Q:  Can Upper School students do their own health checks? 
    A:  The preferred method is that the parent completes the Daily Health Checker, but if they want to forward the link to the student they should still supervise the process. The parent is responsible for ensuring the student completes it in accordance with the code of conduct. In addition, if the student receives a yellow status, they need to be with a parent when the telehealth-visit is scheduled and the doctor calls to complete the assessment.  The doctor will call the
    parents phone number on record, and the doctor cannot speak to the student without the parent present.
    Q:  Where can I view the I’mHealthyTodaySchools videos that were shared earlier?
    A:  Here are the links to the videos for I’m Healthy Today Schools:
          Intro Video 
          Daily Health Checker Guide 
  • 2020-21 School Events Schedule

    View 2020-21 School Calendar. Notice some events are marked virtual others are TBD based on the COVID-19 situation at the time of the event. Be sure to stay tuned to your emails for the latest information on events and activities.
  • 2020-21 Great Start Guides

    2020-21 Great Start Checklist includes links to Early Childhood Guide, Elementary School Guide and Upper School Guide.