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Latest Update: Friday, May 15, 2020

Aloha Hanalani Ohana,
Week 8 of Shelter in Place! Anyone going crazy, beyond me? Hold on because, a little relief is on the way as malls, parks, and beaches open up! Congratulations for another successful week of online education and for flattening the curve. We have risen to the challenge along with sacrifices on many levels.
As we plan to live with COVID19, this past Tuesday, the Governor, four county mayors, the HAIS Executive Director, and the DOE Superintendent met to plan schools’ re-opening and summer programs, so we can update you with school plans and adjustments. Please be aware that the government can change plans, but we must plan forward.
Lower School: Summer School On-Campus
Lower School will host a 5-week, summer program, June 15-July 17, 2020. Enrollment is limited to ensure smaller class sizes for social distancing. We are finalizing our COVID Return to Campus policies and practices and will send them to our families in the next couple of weeks. The prorated and reduced cost for Summer Program 2020 is $1,150.
Upper School: Online Summer Program
Upper School, as originally planned, is offering a 6-week online summer program, June 8-July 17, 2020. Upper School will send out details for half-credit and full credit courses, as some courses have changed from the original plans.
We reduced the cost of US summer programs: Half-credit courses: $525, Full-Credit Courses: $1,050.
Summer School Cost Reduction and Credit toward Smart Tuition Account
Due to the reduction in cost, or if you choose not to participate in the summer program, those who have already paid in full will receive a credit to your Smart Tuition account for next year’s tuition.
Campus Preparations
In addition to campus safety policies and practices, we are purchasing masks, gloves, directional signs, hand sanitizers, plexi-glass shields for offices, POS systems for payments, etc. These preparations generate extra costs; however, we are committed to providing a safe campus. We are revising our cleaning and sanitizing schedules with hospital-grade disinfectants.
2020 Graduation
Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Our seniors will definitely have unique and special memories of their senior year. Please stay tuned to communications from Upper School on graduation plans. In addition to our seniors, we congratulate our K5 and Grade 6 graduates for achieving their milestones; details will be sent by the Lower School office.
Take care and God bless,

Mark Y. Sugimoto
Head of School

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  • Lower School: Online Education Update

    A letter from Lower School Principal: Mrs. Bonnie Lee:

    I pray you all are well and staying safe. What a blessing it has been to have some sunshine over the past few days! Our family has taken the opportunity to take family walks (keeping social distancing, of course). Our prayers continue for our medical professionals and other first responders who are on the front lines helping to battle this pandemic.
    Teachers are excited to begin online education this Thursday, April 2, through the end of the month. As you may anticipate, Hanalani’s online education might be extended.

    Teachers have been collaborating on best practices, ideas, and resources to provide the highest quality distance-learning experiences for your children. We appreciate your partnership, patience and open communication. Today you will receive emails from your child’s teacher providing important information and specifying ways to help your child prepare for distance learning.

    The COVID19 measures have significantly disrupted our lives. The shelter in place mandate is critical for our medical and government leaders to gain the upper hand. Anxiety from the unknown and disruptions can negatively affect our children.

    One important action you can take on the home front, is to establish daily routines and new schedules. I wanted to share some advice from our school’s trusted medical advisor, Dr. Theresa Wee, on setting up routines. I’ve added a few items to the tips that Dr. Wee shared in a March 27 Facebook post:

    1. Keep wake-up times and routines regular and cheerful.
    2. Make sure everyone eats breakfast, even if they’re not hungry.
    3. Review the day’s schoolwork, chores, goals, and other activities.
    4. At 8:00 am, go to your child’s digital classroom to see the teacher’s morning greeting and review the day’s assignments. (from Mrs. Lee)
    5. Schedule time to do more challenging assignments and to have 1-2 breaks without devices. (from Mrs. Lee)
    1. If possible, have lunch together and make sure all the essential “to do’s” have been accomplished.
    2. Younger children should have their naps and others have quiet (or study) time.
    3. Schedule time to do more school assignments as needed. (from Mrs. Lee)
    4. Plan a family activity outdoors or a family house project.
    1. Get the family together to prepare for the all-important dinner meal.
    2. Sit down together and eat without the television or iPhones (devices).
    3. Enjoy pleasant family conversations.
    4. Double check that assignments for the day have been submitted. (from Mrs. Lee)
    5. Take time for family togetherness like board games, card games, puzzles, reading aloud.
    1. Stick to a regular bedtime.
    2. Parents need to set aside time for themselves.
    Thank you for helping your child prepare to be successful with distance learning! Please look for emails from your child’s teacher for action items to get ready for distance learning.

    If you have any questions about distance learning, your child’s teacher is the best person to contact. If you have other questions, our divisional secretaries are responding to emails and receiving/returning phone calls from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm:

    • Early Childhood Office: Susanne Martin - 808-625-0737 x450

    • Elementary Office: Tina Pardine - 808-625-0737 x451

    May you and your ohana have comfort and peace in knowing God is in control over all that we face.


    Lower School Principal
  • Upper School: Online Education Update

    A letter from the Upper School Principal: Mr. Michael David:

    Aloha Upper School Ohana,
    We do sincerely miss our students, the blessing of their voices, and learning experiences we share daily. We trust their extended break has been rich with family bonding as well as keeping safe and healthy. In the midst of these uncertain times, there is a hazard of information overload. I trust that you are finding the calm and peace that Jesus and His Word  can supply even now. We are praying for you as well and want to let you know to reach out should you need assistance.
    As a faculty we are busy learning, creating, and trying out new and existing learning opportunities for the students to
    return to a virtual platform on Thursday, April 2. We understand the importance of establishing a routine that is necessary for optimal learning and emotional well-being.

    The schedule linked below is intended to give you and your child just that. As  your family plans ahead for that time, I wanted to make sure you are aware of some important information below.


    Student Attendance 
    Students are expected to complete assignments as required by their instructor. If a student needs to be absent, and therefore requires an extension to their assignment due date, the parent/guardian should email  
    Course Credit in a Virtual Learning Environment 
    Virtual learning has been used across the globe for years and is an effective way to learn the course material. The key to gaining credit for a course lies in completing the standards set out for that course whether or not you are in a physical classroom. This is true for all classes including Elective, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Although this learning platform looks and feels different, all of our students who complete these courses are assessed and will receive a final grade and credit.   
    Parents/Students Tech Setup 
    We are adding resources/information to My School App daily. In preparation for virtual learning starting on Thursday,
    April 2, please do the following :
    1. Make sure your device is up to date.
    2. Confirm that you can log in to your Hanalani Google Drive account.
    3. Confirm that you can log in to your My School App account.
    4. Confirm that you can log in to your Hanalani Email account.
    If you cannot log in to any of these accounts, you can email to assist with getting access to the account that you need.
    Free Broadband from Spectrum
    Just another reminder that Spectrum is offering free broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 or college students who don't already have a Spectrum broadband subscription, level up to 100 Mbps. Additionally, Spectrum also plans to open its Wi-Fi hotspots, refrain from terminating service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, and will waive late fees in an effort to mitigate some of the virus's impact. Those wanting to sign up for the free broadband service can call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.
    As always, thank you for your continued support of your child and our school.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your student's respective dean or one of the high school administrators.
    E launa mai ma ka Hanalani,
    Michael David
    Upper School Principal 


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