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  • English in a Tech world

    I had a magazine for a while. I was in second grade and my friend and I wrote the articles on notebook paper, did the illustrations (full color, I might add), bound them with staples and distributed--well, we shared our one copy—to seven people. We had every intention of making it a weekly publication, but when it came to our fifteen minute recess, the jungle gym won out over writing a second issue. This was Koloa Elementary School, and the Vietnam War was still a thing.
    Today, any of our students can reach readerships in the hundreds. They insta, tweet and vlog. They pin and youtube. A clever turn of a phrase on an interesting photo or a two-second video loop that goes viral has the potential of achieving millions of views. And our high school students are experts at getting likes, hearts and retweets. They know how to make their voices heard--one of their voices, anyway.
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