2021-22 Great Start Guide: Early Childhood (K3-K4)

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  • Individual Student Orientation

    Orientation appointments will be scheduled on August 9-10. During the 15-minute appointment, the K3 & K4 student and his/her parents will visit the classroom and meet with the teacher. Students should bring their school supplies at that time. It is not necessary for students to wear their uniforms to the orientation. Appointment day and time will be confirmed by the Early Childhood Office.

    What to bring to orientation:
  • New School Year Preparation

    Your child's adjustment to school will be smoother if a schedule of wake-up time, lunch, rest/nap, and bedtime has been established a couple of weeks before school starts.

    For the school year, the students will have the following schedule:
    • K3 & K4 will have lunch around 10:45am daily
    • K3 & K4 nap time is at 12:00pm daily
  • First Days of School - Updated

    First Days of School for On-campus Students:
    Tuesday, August 10 - Grades 1-12 Opening Day

    Wednesday, August 11 - K3-K5 Opening Day
    The first days of school will be a regular, full day with Before- and After-School Care. For the first few days, it is often easier for first time students, especially K3 students, to be picked up immediately after school rather than staying in After-School Care. After the children are acquainted with the school, the transition to After-School Care is much easier.
  • Health & Safety

    Please read our 2021-22 COVID-19 Handbook for more details about new health & safety measures on campus including the following:
    • Masks not required for Grades K3 & K4. Required for Grades K5-12. 
    • Handwashing and hand sanitizing frequently throughout the day.
    • IHT health checks required. Need to show green shield at school health check station. 
    • Temperature checks required upon arrival on campus.
    • Visitors by appointment only. 
    • Students to follow floor markers when lining up in the hallways and entrances.
    • Physical distancing: Students are placed 3 feet apart as often as possible.
    • Staggered schedules.
    • Contactless payment for lunches/meals/campus store
    • Sanitation of common areas increased in frequency throughout the day. Daily campus-wide sanitation at the end of each day.
  • Security Door

    The doors of the Early Childhood area are secured during school hours. For assistance, parents may call the EC office or use the intercom to the left of the main entrance doors.
  • Health Requirements

    Hawaii State Law requires that all students entering any Hawaii school must submit the following: 

    (1) a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance and physical exam 

    In addition, the Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) requires 3- and 4-year-old students entering Hanalani for the first time to have their TB clearance and physical exam
    done within one year of their start date. 

    (2) a completed Health Record Form (ENR-09A)

    Students who do not meet the requirements will not be permitted to enter school on the first day. The following are the required immunizations: 

    4 PCV
    3-4 HiB
    4 DTaP or DPT/Td (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) 
    3 Polio (IPV or OPV) 
    2 Hepatitis A
    3 Hepatitis B 
    1 MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) 
    1 Varicella (chickenpox) 

  • Snacks & Lunches

    A light morning snack of milk or water and a nutritious food item (i.e., fruit, vegetables, crackers, etc.) is offered to K3 and K4 students. An afternoon snack is offered to students staying in After-School Care (ASC).

    Breakfast, lunch and other food items are available for purchase at The Royal Cafe. A complete lunch meal includes an entree, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Complete lunch or milk only can be purchased. School lunch will be available starting on the first day of school.

    We will continue to use a contactless payment system. Lunches can be pre-ordered online by 8 pm the night before. More details and account set up will be sent to parents via email.
  • Potty Trained Policy

    To clarify our potty trained policy the following guidelines apply from the first day of school through September 15. First occurrence: a wet/soiled incident results in a note sent home. Second occurrence: parents are called to take the child home. Third occurrence: the child may be asked to stay home for two or more days until potty training is established. After September 15 if an occasional wet accident occurs, the office will send home the wet clothes. However, if the child soils his/her pants, parents are called to take the child home for the day. If after September 15, it is determined that the child is not fully potty trained, then the school may release the child.
  • Footwear

    Footwear policies are for safety reasons.
    • K3-K4 students must wear socks and fully enclosed athletic shoes.
    • K3-K4 students' shoes must have non-tie fastening (e.g., Velcro, zipper, etc.)
    No particular brand or color of shoes is required. It is best to select shoes that have soles with good traction, avoiding shoes with slick soles.
  • Picture Day

    Wednesday, August 18, is Picture Day for K3 and K4 students. Aloha attire is encouraged. All students, regardless of photo package purchase, will be required to take a picture for an ID badge and the yearbook. Note: The student ID badge will be used for contactless payment and to check out library books.