Powered by STEAM

If you've been keeping up with the exciting world of education, you've probably heard of the increased emphasis on the importance of STEAM, an education approach designed to integrate the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts (fine and liberal) and Math.

STEAM is instrumental in developing students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills to their fullest capacities, and is a foundational pillar of Hanalani’s curriculum. These skills are essential for today’s students to be successful in a 21st-century world, where many of the jobs of the future may not even exist yet.

Hanalani's STEAM Stands Out

While many independent schools embrace STEAM in their curriculum, Hanalani’s program stands out. Along with a variety of courses, activities and resources that students are engaged with throughout the year, Hanalani dedicates an entire week of the school year to the celebration of STEAM. During this week, students have the opportunity to showcase their work and participate in unique activities, both on and off campus.

STEAM Field Courses and Activities

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  • Science

    Chemistry. Biology. Life Science. Earth Science. Physical Science. Physics
  • Technology

  • Engineering

    Makers Space. Applied Engineering
  • Arts

    Fine Arts: Band. Choir. Drama. Strings Orchestra. 2- and 3-Dimensional Art.
    Liberal Arts: History. Language. Literature. Philosophy
  • Math

    Algebra. Trigonometry. Geometry. Pre- Algebra. Calculus