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  • 1st Grade STEAM Week Lima Bean Experiment

    Lots of FUN LEARNING is taking place during STEAM WEEK! 1st Graders began a Lima Bean Experiment for part of the “science” in their Fairy Tale STEAM project. They’ll be observing, predicting, and documenting the growth of their beans.

    Can you guess which fairy tale this project is tied in with?
  • 4th - 6th Grade Students Enjoyed an Evening of Fun and Learning at the Upper School's at the Cosmos Convention.

    One of the Upper School’s STEAM WEEK projects was their Cosmos Convention, held last night in the SAC Gym. Themed LANI, AINA, and KAI ( Sky, Land, and Sea), they hosted the 4th through 6th Grade students and shared their knowledge of astronomy, indigenous plants, invasive species, sea life, and much more.

    Our Lower School students participated in hands on demos and got to pot lettuce and cilantro seeds to take home to grow.

    It was a fun learning experience for all our students. MAHALO to our Upper School Students for being SERVANT LEADERS and putting on this amazing event!
  • Foodservice Industry Professionals Provide Insight for 5th and 6th Grade STEAM Project

    A group of 5th and 6th Grade students were blessed to kick off STEAM Week with a presentation from food service industry professionals! This group will be creating their own menu and marketing materials to promote the menu. The menu will be featured at the 604 Clubhouse! Stay tuned for more on this project.

    MAHALO to Matt Asato, VP of Operations at 604 Hospitality Group LLC,  Jordan Vannatta, Executive Director of Operations at Y. Hata & Co., Limited, and Randy Jernigan, Head Chef and Kitchen Manager at 60fore Bar and Grill for presenting! Our students enjoyed learning how the food service industry works, why core values of a company are important, how to create an appealing menu, and more.
  • Upper School Students Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor on day 3 of STEAM WEEK.

    YUM! It was a delicious start to day 3 of STEAM WEEK. The Eco Lab uncovered their imu, and it was an ono feast for our students and staff. We also saw the completion of other great projects! Upper School students are preparing for their presentations tomorrow and we’re looking forward to what they will share. 
  • STEAM WEEK Day 2 Was Impressive!

    WOW! We see the progress on day two of STEAM WEEK and things are looking great! Awesome work Upper School. Keep it up!
  • STEAM WEEK Has Begun!

    Today, We KICKED OFF STEAM WEEK at Hanalani!
    Upper School students utilized their critical thinking, design engineering, problem solving, and communication skills to get their projects off to a great start. Here’s some of the awesome projects! We’ll share the progression of their hard work throughout the week, so stay tuned.
  • Hanalani Royal Stage Players presents "Goldilocks on Trial"

    “Goldilocks on Trial” was an undeniable HIT! 🔥

    A nearly sold-out crowd on Friday night was enthralled by the outstanding performances of our Hanalani Royal Stage Players.

    They took us on a high energy, comedic ride that spun us through and flipped the book on familiar fairy tales.

    Congratulations to the cast, crew, and faculty that made this play come alive.

    This is just the start. We can’t wait for next year’s production. Stay tuned!
  • How Many Apples Can You Stack?

    As part of their Dr. Seuss’ day theme for Spirit Week, Mrs. Stoker’s 3rd Grade students went beyond just dressing up in their favorite Seuss inspired outfits, they challenged themselves by seeing how many apples they could stack on each other.
    Based upon Dr. Seuss’ book, “Ten Apples Up On Top”, the students used their design engineering skills to build a tower at least a foot tall and carefully balanced apples up on top. Giving new meaning to a balanced diet of fruits. 
    It was a fun learning experience for our students, and they got their share of fruits for the day. 
    Mahalo Mrs. Stoker for making learning fun!
  • 5th and 6th Grade Students Having Fun in After-school Elementary Advanced Robotics

    The learning and fun don’t stop at the end of school. Our After-school Elementary Advanced Robotics students are having a grand time building their robotic elephants, tanks, and all types of tech creations. This is a great opportunity for hands-on learning, critical thinking, and learning about technology.

    Currently enrolled families can sign up for after-school programs like this using the online ENR-13 Additional Services form for School Year 2023-24.

    Mahalo Mr. Fajardo for guiding our young Royals on their path of technology!
  • The Royal Hawaiian Band Live in the SAC Gym

    The Royal Hawaiian Band blessed our campus and entertained our students and staff this past January. Also featured was a hula dancer who danced beautifully and local entertainer, Karen Keawehawaii, who graced us with her singing.

    Our Upper School Concert Band, Papa Hula, and Ukulele students received an amazing hands-on learning opportunity by being able to perform along with the band. According to Bandmaster Clarke Bright, we are the only school who is blessed with this amazing opportunity.

    Mahalo Royal Hawaiian Band for this wonderful experience!

    This is Experiential Learning, the Hanalani Way.
  • Water Filtration System in Mr. Urla's Class

    Last week, Mr. Urla’s Upper School Earth and Space Science class learned about water filtration. They created their own filtration system using gravel, charcoal, sand, and cotton as their filters.
    Observing the process and understanding how long it takes for water to be filtered down into our aquifers, our students learned about the importance of having clean water for our ʻĀina.
  • 6th Grade Moon Phases

    6th grade students enjoyed a fun learning experience using Oreos to demonstrate their understanding of the moon phases. While shaping the Oreo filling to represent the different phases they discussed why the same side of the moon always faces Earth, what causes solar and lunar eclipses, and the difference between each lunar phase. 
  • K4 Hosted Their 4th Grade Buddies at Their Healthy Food Fair

    Today, our K4 students made healthy snacks for their 4th grade buddies. It was part of a Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunity where they learned hands-on how to make snacks and present them to their 4th grade buddies.

    For each snack eaten, they received a “happy face” or a “sad face" paper cutout as feedback from their 4th grade buddies.

    Everyone was happy in the end with smiling faces and full tummies!
  • Ailsie Nakamura '23 Runner-Up in State Poetry Out Loud Competition

    Congratulations to Ailsie Nakamura for finishing as runner-up in the State of Hawaii's 2023 Poetry Out Loud Competition, which took place at Tenney Theatre on Sunday, February 26, 2023! We are all proud of Ailsie's hard work as she put in many hours of practice to prepare for the competition. 

    “Ailsie represented our school well amongst the state’s very best.  Not only did she put on a great performance, but she let her faith shine bright.  She was supportive of the other contestants and really demonstrated genuine love for our school and her teachers.” – Katherine Baquero, Upper School English Teacher.

    Poetry Out Loud encourages the study of poetry by offering free educational materials and a recitation competition for high school students. Through the program students master public speaking skills and build self-confidence, while also learning more about both classic and contemporary poetry. More than 4.1 million students and 68,000 teachers from 17,000 schools across the country have participated in Poetry Out Loud. 
  • Intermediate Banquet was a Blast!

    What a night to remember! Our Intermediate students were dressed to the nines and had a fabulous time at their elegant banquet in the Student Activity Center.

    Mahalo to the Upper School students who served as the banquet staff and demonstrated servant leadership. We love seeing our older students giving back and supporting their younger brothers and sisters. We are truly grateful for our Hanalani ‘Ohana!

    Great food, great friends, and a great time.
  • K3 Grandparents Celebration

    On February 24, our K3 students celebrated their grandparents and other family members. Our students proudly performed for their ‘ohana, spent time with them making bracelets, and enjoyed lunch with them.

    There was lots of ❤, hugs, and kisses on this memorable day.

    Mahalo, grandparents, for all that you do! You are truly appreciated! ❤🫶
  • Live theater is BACK at Hanalani!

    Live theater is BACK at Hanalani!

    The Student Activity Center (SAC) Stage will come alive once again, as our Hanalani Royal Stage Players delight you with their performance of “Goldilocks on Trial”.

    March 10 at 7 PM 
    March 11 at 1 PM and 7 PM. 
    Get your tickets NOW!

  • Spirit Week Day 1 - Mom/Dad Day 2023

    Today, we kicked-off Spirit Week! Our Hanalani ’Ohana got in the spirit of the day and dressed as a Mom or Dad.

    It was a great start to Spirit Week.

    Let’s see what our spirited students and staff come up with the rest of the week.
  • Spirit Week Day 2 - Purple/Gold Day 2023

    Day 2 of Spirit Week was purple and gold day! Our Royals added more purple and gold at the spirit tables by spraying their hair purple, putting jewels and glitter on their faces, and wearing purple and gold sashes.

    Way to show your school spirit Royals!

    Keep that spirit going by coming out to support our Boys Varsity Volleyball team tonight at 6 PM in the SAC gym.


    MAHALO to our parent volunteers who helped prep the items for the spirit tables and those who assisted our students.
  • Spirit Week Day 3 - Squad Day 2023

    Day 3 of Spirit Week was Squad Day. Students and faculty formed groups and dressed in a similar fashion. Fashion being the operative word.
  • Spirit Week Day 4 - Lower School Dr. Seuss Day 2023

    Day 4 of Spirit Week was Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America Day for Lower School! Students and faculty dressed in their favorite Dr. Seuss attire. From the Cat in the Hat to the Grinch, we had it all!

    It was a fun filled day and a great way to celebrate the work of Dr. Seuss, while promoting literacy! Many teachers hand special activities throughout the day.
  • Spirit Week Day 4 - Upper School Senior Citizen Day 2023

    Day 4 of Spirit Week was Senior Citizen Day for Upper School! Students and faculty dressed up as Kūpuna to honor their elders.
  • Hanalani's POETRY OUT LOUD Wraps Up.

    Hanalani’s POETRY OUT LOUD recitation program has officially wrapped up for the year.

    Our upper School students joined more than 4.1 million students, 68,000 teachers, and 17,000 schools across the Nation as they participated in the study, analysis, memorization, and recitation of poetry.

    Through this program, our students were encouraged to master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history. Great job, students!

    A special congratulations to the following students.

    1st place: Kiara K.
    2nd place: Anya S.
    3rd place: Chase L.

    High school:
    1st place: Ailsie N.
    2nd place: Jordyn I.
    3rd place: Shiloh F.

    Let’s cheer on Ailsie N. ’23 who will be representing Hanalani at the state competition this Sunday, February 26, at the Tenney Theatre.
  • Seniors Received their Caps and Gowns for Graduation.

    Yesterday, our Class of 2023 picked up their caps and gowns! This signaled that graduation, an important milestone in their lives is just around the corner. 
    Seniors, enjoy the rest of your school year and savor the memories you’re making!
  • Xander Erolin Defends his ILH Title and looks to repeat at the HHSAA State Wrestling Championships.

    Did you see the awesome article on Xander Erolin in the @staradvertiser? CLICK HERE to see the article.

    CONGRATULATIONS, Xander on defending your ILH title! We are praying for a state title repeat this weekend at the HHSAA State Wrestling Championships.🔥
  • "What I Love About Hanalani"

    Inspired by Valentine's Day, our 'Ohana wrote what they love about Hanalani on paper hearts and taped them onto the Fremont Building windows. We also had a photo booth with props set up for the week.
    This video is a recap of this wonderful event.

  • K3 and 3rd Grade Students Create Beautiful Valentine's Day Memories

    Today our 3rd Grade students got together with their K3 buddies and made each other Valentine's Day cards. They shared their love and joy for one another in this creative and fun activity.
    The 3rd Grade students also read books to their K3 buddies and in return, received bracelets made by them.
    It was a fun and memorable day for all of our buddies. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • K4 Celebrates Grandparents Day

    On Friday our K4 students celebrated their Grandparents and other family members with a lively performance, leis, and a luncheon. 

    It was an opportunity for our K4 students to show their love and gratitude for their Grandparents. 

    With all the hugs, kisses, and smiles being shared, it was truly a memorable occasion. 

    Mahalo Grandparents for all that you do! You are truly appreciated!
  • 4th Grade and K4 Buddies Joint Field Trip to the Hawaiian Railway Ewa Station

    4th Graders were the “chaperones” for their K4 Buddies on their joint field trip to the Hawaiian Railway Ewa Station.
    Students learned about the history of the railroad system, who started the railroad, and how it helped the military and the sugar industry.
    There was a special greeting from Kase H.’s grandparents and aunt in Kapolei with signs, balloons, hand waves, and smiles as the train passed their house. 
  • Dr. Theresa Wee Emphasizes 5-2-1-0

    K3-K4 and K5-6 students were blessed with a presentation by Theresa Wee, M.D., of Wee Wellness Center! She is an alumni parent and current grandparent of Hanalani students.

    Her presentation included tips on how to be a healthy eater and live an active lifestyle by incorporating the 5-2-1-0 initiative (5 - Fruits & Vegetables, 2 - Hours of Screen Time, 1 - Hours of Physical Activity, and 0 - Sugary Drinks per day).

    MAHALO to Dr. Wee! Our students enjoyed the presentation.
  • Royal Hawaiian Band Performance

    A few weeks ago, our school was blessed by a live performance from the Royal Hawaiian Band! Making the event extra special was the opportunity our After-School Elementary Hula, Ukulele, and Upper School Band students had to perform along with the Royal Hawaiian Band. This is an extremely rare experiential learning opportunity our students received.
    MAHALO Royal Hawaiian Band for such a great performance and the amazing opportunity!
  • Spiritual Emphasis Week: Day 2 - Jan 2023

  • Senior Ailsie Nakamura shares her insights on Spiritual Emphasis Week Jan 2023

    Spiritual Emphasis Week is a time for our students to get closer to God. Ailsie Nakamura '23 shares her insights on this week and how it impacts her life. 

    Also in this video are Upper School Dean of Students, Mr. Charles Hiers and Upper School Principal, Mr. Michael David, who give a brief explanation of Spiritual Emphasis Week and how it benefits our students.

  • Spiritual Emphasis Week: Day 1 - Jan 2023

    At this year's Spiritual Emphasis Week, our special guest speaker is Pastor Willie Partin, the Director of Camp Relations at The Wilds Christian Camp all the way from North Carolina. It was a week of fun, fellowship and above all else, Christ.

  • Spritual Emphasis Week - Day 3 - Jan 2023

  • Spritual Emphasis Week - Day 4 - Jan 2023

  • Upper School Parent Night 2023

    Upper School students and teachers had a blast during the Upper School Parent Night on Monday, January 30! There were live musical performances, poetry readings, lab demonstrations, presentations, and more! Students and teachers embraced the opportunity to present about the subjects taught throughout the school year and ways our students learn.
    MAHALO to all of those who were able to attend and be a live audience for our students! We hope you enjoyed the demonstrations of learning and were able to see the amazing things our students are and will be learning in the future.
  • 5th and 6th Grade Science Fair

    Our 5th and 6th graders impressed with their Science Fair presentations. They demonstrated their critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills to create a multitude of projects from Solar S'mores to PH of the Sea.

    Congratulations to all our 5th and 6th grade scientists for projects well done.

    Shout-out to Grayson K. and Ryan C., our 5th and 6th grade 1st place winners!
  • Fourth Graders Honor the Memory of the Holocaust Victims on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    For their PBL (Project Based Learning), our two fourth grade classes invited a special guest speaker, Ilan Amir, to talk about his family's personal experience with the Holocaust.

    He presented a history lesson about the countries involved during the Holocaust and the impact it had on the people during that time period.

    In honor of Mr. Emir's visit, our fourth graders created murals to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Each class worked as a team and created individual square patches which was then assembled to create the murals. The murals will be gifted to Mr. Emir's Synagogue.

    On January 27, 2023, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, our students made a video presentation of their murals and what they learned about the Holocaust to share with Mr. Emir and Hanalani parents.  See video below.
  • Lower School Parent Night 2023

    Our Lower School students and teachers truly enjoyed the Lower School Parent Night on Monday, January 23! They embraced the opportunity to share what they have been learning throughout the school year.
    MAHALO to all of those who were able to attend and be a live audience for our students! We hope you enjoyed the demonstrations of learning and were able to see the amazing things your child is learning.
  • Our Upper School Robotics team is getting ready for their upcoming VEX Robotics competition in Nanakuli.

    Our Upper School Robotics team are making final tweaks to their robots for their upcoming competition on February 3rd and 4th. It's the West Oahu Invitational held at Nanakuli High School. The actual competition takes place on February 4th, from 9:15am - 4:30pm. It's a chance for our Royals to qualify for the state championship. 

    Currently, out of 378 schools world-wide, Hanalani is ranked number 1 for Virtual Skills. A prime example of hardwork and dedication to their sport, especially the efforts of Brandon V., Hanalani freshman who handled the programming aspect for the competition. 

    Robotics is a hands-on way for students to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. Our students develop their cognitive skills, applying it to design thinking, communication, teamwork and strategic thinking. 

    Come on out on February 4th to cheer on our Royal Robotics Team! 

    Go Royals!
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Played with Heart on Senior Night

    Our Varsity Boys Basketball team played a spirited game against Punahou on Senior  Night. They kept it close, driving fearlessly to the rim, but couldn't catch a taller Punahou team. Great job Royals! You played with heart, good sportsmanship and great teamwork. To our seniors, Christian, Tanner and Simon, congratulations on a great athletic career at Hanalani. We are proud of all your accomplishments and wish you well in your future endeavors.
  • Varsity Girls Basketball Battles HBA on Senior Night

    Our varsity girls took on HBA on Senior Night in a highly charged game. A packed house were on the edge of their seats as the game wasn't decided until the final minute. In the end, HBA outlasted our Lady Royals. Congratulations to HBA for playing a good game and pushing our team to the limit. We will only get better as we head into the post-season. 

    Congratulations to our seniors, Rylee, Maria, Skylar and Chera-lei for a great season. We are grateful to not only have great athletes representing Hanalani, but outstanding students and future leaders. Good luck in the post-season tournament and may your futures be bright and blessed.
  • 3rd Graders Clean up our Neighborhoods on the way to the Library

    On Tuesday our 3rd graders had a walking field trip to the Mililani Public Library. Along the way, they beautified our community by picking up trash.

    Great job 3rd graders at cleaning up our neighborhoods!
  • Friday night our Lady Royals took it to Punahou with an impressive win over the Buff 'n Blue

    Our Lady Royals were methodical with their patient offense passing the ball effectively to find and opportunity to score.

    Defensively they applied pressure when needed to get the steals and force turnovers. Great teamwork and patience to get into their rhythm and play their game.

    Great job Ladies!
  • Second graders took a trip to Hawaii's past

    Our second graders took a trip to Hawaii's past and visited the Hawaiian Mission Houses to learn about the first missionaries that came here and to explore the oldest house in Hawaii!

    Our students ventured through the rooms of the house and got a glimpse of what life was like a 100 years ago. No internet or cable back then, so they occupied themselves by making candles, playing with centuries old toys, and using a printing press.

    It was a fun and educational trip to the past.
  • Varsity Boys basketball put up a good battle against Damien

    Our varsity boys basketball team played well against a good Damien squad. Our boys kept it close in the first half, then Damien pulled away. Good job Royals for keeping it competitive and playing together as a team.
  • Hanalani Schools Helps Families in Need this Christmas

    Hanalani Schools donated 131 gifts to 48 children in need this Christmas to Surfing the Nations.

    Mahalo to all of our ohana who donated, took the time to help wrap the gifts and to our faculty, staff and students who helped deliver the Christmas presents to Surfing the Nations.

    See video below.

    Click here for more 70 Acts of Kindness.
  • Our Upper School Students had a Blast at LGRAD!

    Today our upper school students enjoyed LGRAD, Let's Get Reacquainted Day. It takes place on the first Friday back from Christmas break.
    It's a chance for our students to socialize with other grade levels and get to known each other. Something they normally wouldn't have a chance to do.
    It's a fun way for our students to make new friends.
  • Hanalani Happenings Week of January 1, 2023