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Hanalani is concerned about the safety and security of our international students as they live and study in Hawaii. Protecting our students is a top priority which is why we require all of our incoming students to obtain the international student, Patriot Exchange coverage. 

Patriot Exchange proves important benefits such as hospital room and board, medical expenses, new prescriptions, emergency room care, and even accident death or return of remains. Hanalani's minimum requirement per student is $50,000 in accident and sickness. There are also $250,000 and $500,000 plans available. 

This plan offers coverage not just during school hours or school sanctioned functions but also away from school for 24 hour coverage. The Standard Short Term plan is designed to meet Hanalani & Visa travel requirements. If coverage is purchased for a minimum of one month, it may be renewed for up to a total of 48 months without a break in coverage. Before the interview process, you must show proof of insurance. You can email admissions and send them a copy of confirmation. You must be enrolled in coverage the entire time you are a registered student at Hanalani Schools.
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Plan Highlights
  • A short-term travel medical plan design with 3 levels of coverage
  • Plan maximum up to $500,000
  • Renewable up to 48 months if minimum of one month is purchased
  • Access to MyIMG - your online account
  • Universal Rx Pharmacy discount savings
  • Student Health Center $5 co-pay per visit
  • 100% Co-insurance 
  • Add-On coverage includes high school sports, personal sports, and legal assistance 

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For questions about your coverage or claims, contact your administrator IMG:
Inside U.S.: (800) 628-4664
Outside the U.S.: 01-317-655-4500