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The Royal Merit Scholarship (RMS) program recognizes Hanalani students who demonstrate commitment and diligence in the pursuit of high-level accomplishment and excellence. Royal Merit Scholarships are awarded to students involved in co-curricular activities, and we believe that these activities provide valuable learning venues for developing 21st century and leadership skills. Students may reapply each year for the RMS program.

The RMS Application forms are available below (click the Application Submission button).

The application process for SY 2022-23 has CLOSED.

2022-23 RMS Process

List of 5 items.

  • Application Submission

    The application process for SY 2022-23 has CLOSED.

    New program applicants must submit the Royal Merit Scholarship Applications with all required supporting documentation to the Upper School office by January 14, 2022 for the 2022-23 School Year. Two RMS Mentor Reference Report (RMS-02) forms must also be completed and submitted to the Upper School office by the mentors on behalf of the applicant.

    RMS Application 
    If you have a PDF editor on your computer:
    • Download the file to your computer.
    • Edit and Save the file.
    • Email the completed application to Mrs. Kehler.
    If you do not have a PDF editor on your computer:
    • Open the link in your web browser.
    • Fill out the application there.
    • When finished, click print, but change the printer destination to “Save as PDF”
      • This will save the file to your computer.
      • If you click download, you will download a blank copy of the form.
    • Email the completed application to Mrs. Kehler.
    Mentor Reference Forms
    • Using the same process above download and save application to your computer. 
    • Email mentor reference form to your mentors and kindly ask that they fill out, save, and attach to an email to Mrs. Kehler.
    2022-23 RMS Application Forms

    RMS Mentor Reference Report - RMS-02 (pdf)
  • Interview/Audition

    Following the deadline, respective committee members will schedule interview sessions (STEM and Leadership) or audition sessions (Fine Arts) with the applicants. For Fine Arts auditions, applicants must perform for the proficiency selected on form RMS-01. Auditioners must bring four copies of sheet music for the selected performance piece to the session.  Interviews/Auditions begin at the end of January 2022 - you will be notified following your application submission.
  • Committee Review

    The scholarship committees will meet to review and determine award decisions.
  • Decision Notification

    The office will notify applicants of committee award decisions.
  • Award Luncheon

    An award luncheon will be hosted for RMS recipients.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be current students in grades 6-11 for the 2022-23 school year.    
  • Applicants must participate in Hanalani-sponsored, co-curricular activities, leadership, and/or arts teams.
  • Applicants must submit the application and supporting documents to Upper School office by January 14, 2022. 
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