Do you believe in legends? We do!

Here at Hanalani Schools, we believe in the inner strength and resiliency that come from a spiritual foundation.

We invite you to watch “The Legend of the Strongman” and learn about our commitment to faith-based values and character development. Through the story of the Strongman, we explore what it means to challenge yourself and, in the face of adversity, inspire others along the way.

This story of bravery, compassion and faith is told by Lily Sugimoto, retired Hanalani Schools teacher and the wife of our school’s founder, Dr. Wallace Sugimoto. Dr. Sugimoto’s founding principles continue to guide us today as we nurture, challenge and prepare Hanalani students to be leaders and changemakers in our community.

Our Strongman Logo

Our Christian values are symbolized by our Strongman logo, designed by Hanalani alumnus Titus Stone ‘00. The Hawaiian petroglyph features the cross, or God at the center of our lives. The small dot on the right is traditionally the place for the artist’s signature and, in this case, represents God’s signature on our lives.

Learn More

If you are interested in Hanalani Schools and would like to learn more about how we instill values and develop character in our students, please contact our Admissions Office.