4th Grade Egg Brooders

Grade 4 student are EGGstatic about their STEAM week (PBL) Project Based Learning and Design Thinking project!
Their driving question was “How can we as Oahu students learn and share about sustainable food sources through caring for chicks to demonstrate kuleana (responsibility)  and malama (take care) and share with our school and family communities? “
Their purpose for the project was to learn about caring for chicks as both pets but also understanding sustainable food sources here on the islands. They zoomed with a family on Molokai who raise both egg-laying and meat chickens as well as gardening. They talked about how they care for both the land and animals that God has given them to provide the food needed since the islands rely on food shipments 1-2 times a week. 
Our chicks will be going home on Friday with the students who are adopting them. 
CHICK :)  out our live stream to get a peek at our little peepers and one shy egg who’s yet to come out of its shell.