How Hanalani Prepared Calvin (’99) for a Career in Ministry and Cancer Research

For alumnus Calvin Ho (’99), it was the dedication and inspiration of the teachers of Hanalani that helped him pursue higher learning and ultimately find his passion in life.
When he and his brother first arrived in Hawaii as new immigrants, it was the Hanalani ‘ohana that made them feel at home.
“During lunchtime, Hanalani students taught us slang and helped us learn more about the American culture. Their genuine welcome and friendship bolstered our self-image and helped us assimilate well to life in the U.S.,” said Calvin.
Calvin moved on from high school to attend Cornell University, where he studied Biological and Biomedical Engineering. Since then, he’s accomplished amazing things. He’s helped develop cancer treatments at Genentech. He met a kind and generous veterinarian named Tiffany, who became his wife. Together, the two of them founded Compassion Pet Hospice, offering end-of-life care to animals in homes. He was also ordained as a pastor, and became dedicated to serving the Lord and helping others come to know Jesus.
“All my Hanalani teachers were each important, but I want to specifically thank Mrs. Welles who taught me English, which really laid the foundation of my writing and speaking skills,” said Calvin. He also expressed his thanks for Mr. Chiang, whose methodological thinking prepared him for a career in engineering, and Mr. Lucina, who shared his love of the Lord and was an inspirational role model. Finally, Calvin expressed his gratitude for Mr. Elliott who inspired him to search for scientific and Biblical knowledge as a pastor and educator.
To Hanalani students, he shared, “You are so blessed to have such a beautifully renovated and expanded campus! Cherish the amazing learning environment and opportunities, especially leadership opportunities. God can use your many acts of kindness and commitment to learn and grow, and really use it for great purposes in the future.”
Today, Calvin is a pastor who happily serves in a vibrant, multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic church in Oakland, California. He has two beautiful children with his wife Tiffany.