Pep Rally for our Royal Athletes that Qualified for States

We celebrated our Royal Athletes that qualified for States by honoring them with a pep rally. Our entire 'Ohana was on hand to share in the merriment.

Please help us in congratulating these Royal Athletes for all that they have accomplished! We are proud of all of our student athletes for being hardworking and dedicated competitors.

Cross Country
​Boys Medalist 10th place - Jeddison Miller
Air Riflery
​Girls’ medalist 7th place - Lydia Li
Boys team 2nd place finish in the state - Tyler Miyashiro, Daniel Cahinhinan, Brady Jensik, and Dylan Fo
​Girls’ medalist 9th - Charis Shimabukuro
Girls Varsity II Basketball
2nd place in the state tournament - Tamlyn Celestino, Cristina Harrison, Constance Calarruda, Gwyneth   Aquino, Kaaya Yamashita, Lilia Chinen, Jaenie Sniffin, Ezra Komine-Bolosan, Jayda Okuhara, Piha Akiona, Saige Kurihara, Skylar Yagin, Maria Ralar, Ellana Klemp, Rylee Matsuda, and Chera-lei Hiers
Girls Varsity II Soccer Pac Five
​State Champions - Rylee Lapenia
Boys Varsity II Soccer Pac Five
​2nd place in the state tournament - Matt Kuo, Micah Lee and, Mark Spencer
​2X State Champion Wrestler - Xander Erolin