7th Grade Life Science Students Creating Solutions for 21th Century pollution problems with Biomimicry

7th Grade Life Science students created prototypes of devices by employing biomimicry! Their objective was to create ways to tackle various 21st century pollution problems affecting our planet. Students researched and incorporated their findings to create solutions that mimic nature.

For example, one group created the “Raker Net,” which is designed to capture trash that is floating in our oceans. Their project mimicked how the basking shark filters food through finger-like structures in their mouth called gill rakers. Their prototype consisted of a cylindrical device filled with gill rakers made from paper plates and a fishing net at the bottom.

Mrs. Downing’s students presented their projects to our Grade 6 students. Sharing their knowledge of biomimicry as a source for ideating solutions to our 21st century problems.

Great job Royals and mahalo Mrs. Downing for inspiring our students to care for our planet!