6th Graders Visit the Challenger Center Hawaii

Grade 6 expanded their horizons to infinity and beyond when they visited the Challenger Center Hawaii at Barbers Point Elementary. In addition to their RENDEZVOUS WITH COMET HALLEY MISSION, they were delighted by the surprise visit of two guest speakers. Astronaut Warren Hoburg & Mr. Claude Onizuka, the brother of Hawaii-born Astronaut Ellison Onizuka. Astronaut Hoburg’s presentation enlightened our students on his recent journey to the International Space Station, where his mission lasted 6 months. Our students asked many questions about space travel and thanked Astronaut Hoburg and Mr. Onizuka for sharing their time and knowledge with them. 
The RENDEZVOUS WITH COMET HALLEY MISSION divided our students into two teams, one at the Mission Control Center and the other inthe Space Station. They had to demonstrate COMMUNICATION, CRITICAL THINKING, and COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS to complete their mission. Everyone was completely engaged in their assigned tasks and handled the high-pressure situation confidently, trusting in their own abilities and those of their teammates. Good news, they successfully completed their mission! They rendezvoused with Comet Halley. 
Outstanding work space cadets. All your futures look bright as you shoot for the stars! 
Mahalo to Astronaut Warren Hoburg, Mr. Claude Onizuka, and the staff of the Challenger Center Hawaii for an out of this world experience!