We're Gaining STEAM...

Hanalani’s curriculum has three pillars: Core Knowledge, Critical Skills, and Christian Character, which are critical for students’ futures. We refer to our curriculum approach as Academics Plus. Core Knowledge includes the commonly recognized academic content and the related subject matterskills. The school’s curriculum has a strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Beyond the academics, the school seeks to develop critical 21st century skills: critical and analytical thinking, creativity and adaptability, communication skills (written, oral, digital, and arts), collaborative leadership, digital citizenship, and cultural competency. The third important dimension of student development is Christian Character, or a heart for God and for others. Hanalani believes that students develop in the three pillars in the classroom and through cocurricular opportunities. Often, the co-curricular activities provide the most relevant settings to enable students to learn important life lessons, such as self-discipline, teamwork, hard work, compassion, empathy, and the Critical Skills. 


STEAM in Action

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Digital Citizenship...

Hanalani is proud to offer a safe digital learning environment where students can develop real world skills through technology and digital citizenship. Our goal is to train students in the use of technology in a digital world and to encourage responsible decision making. Our campus is fully wired and teachers use a range of technologies including online course management systems, smart boards, and e-textbooks. 


Chemistry. Biology. Life Science. Earth Science. Physical Science. Physics




Makers Space. Applied Engineering


Drama. Choir. Orchestra. Band. Speech and Debate. Art


Algebra. Trigonometry. Geometry. Pre- Algebra. Calculus. 


Applied Engineering



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