Class of 2023

Prior to graduation members of the Class of 2023 reflected on their time at Hanalani Schools. These eight individuals shared what makes Hanalani special to them, why they would recommend someone attend Hanalani, what makes our teachers special, and more. Watch the Students Share videos below to hear from Ailsie N., Rylee A., Kamyle S., Aiden S., Chera-lei H., Lia S., Simon L., and Isaiah G.

What makes Hanalani special? Aiden, Isaiah, Simon, and Lia share what makes Hanalani special to them. 
Kamyle, Aiden, Chera-lei, Rylee, and Ailsie share why they would recommend someone attend Hanalani! Whether they're starting in preschool, elementary, intermediate, or high school Hanalani has something for everyone. 
Hanalani teachers are special in many ways and help prepare our students for the future! Rylee and Ailsie share what makes our teachers special to them. Aiden, Kamyle, and Simon share how Hanalani has prepared them for the future.